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Farm Insurance


Your farm or ranch is a valuable asset, and you deserve the best insurance protection available. Policies may differ considerably from company to company, making it difficult for you to know exactly what kind of coverage you have. That's why we provide a special Farm and Ranch Property policy which enables you to select the coverage that meets your specific needs.

As a leader in Farm, Ranch and Equine protection, we understand your special situation and needs. Together, with our carrier, we can provide a plan tailored especially for you.

Standard Features of our Farm and Ranch Insurance include coverage for

Hobby (Small) Farm


Today's small farms and ranches are considerably different from their counterparts of only a few years ago. That's why we have developed a special Hobby Farm Program for small acreage operations within our Farm Owners Policy.

Main qualifications for a Hobby Farm:

Farm Equine

Protect Your Passion
Horse Insurance, Equine Mortality Insurance, Equestrian Ranch and Estate Insurance, Horse Farm Insurance, Horse or Equine Liability Insurance. Whatever you choose to call it, we provide the proper protection and service that you deserve.

Coverage for owned horses used in ranching or pleasure riding;
Shows Off-Premise
4-H Activities
Training & Trainers
Horse Sales
Horse Show Liability

The unexpected in the horse world can be costly, but we have put together affordable coverage for your peace of mind.

Farm Auto

We offer coverage for your personal vehicles and the vehicles used in your farming operations including your semis and ATVs.

Farm Fire

You may not need a full farm policy but you may still have some limited farm risk exposures. For example, you may need coverage just for outbuildings or farm machinery. Our Farm Fire protection is the solution.


Farm Liability

Adequate liability protection is very important. Our Farm Liability policy can protect you, up to the policy limits, if you are found to be legally liable for bodily injury or property damage that is covered under the policy. Medical Payments Coverage is available for medical expenses that result from injuries to visitors or guests. These expenses are covered, up to the limit of medical coverage, even if you are not legally liable. Optional Coverages Available

Incidental Liability Often, farmers and ranchers expand their operations to include sales or services. Coverage for most of these incidental businesses and part-time jobs can be included under a Farm Liability Policy. For example, the following incidental businesses, among others, can be included under the policy:

Equipment Breakdown Endorsement

One of the unique coverages offered by Farmers Union Insurance is our Farm Equipment Breakdown Coverage. This coverage covers:

Covered Risks Include:

Farm Advantage Endorsement:

Farmers Union Insurance also offers an extended Farm Advantage Endorsement that covers even more items on your farm including:

Available Discounts Include: