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Auto Insurance


Your automobile is a valuable part of the American way of life, symbolizing an important aspect of your freedom.  Our goal is to protect that way of life. 

Choosing the right automobile coverage can be a confusing experience for most people.  You have considerations for liability, comprehensive, collision, personal injury protection, and uninsured or underinsured coverage.

Our competitive rates, variety of options and experience can help you make the best choice for insuring all of your vehicles.

We cover;

Preferred Auto
Motor Homes
Campers, Travel Trailers and Utility Trailers
Recreational Vehicles (ATV’s, Golf Carts, Mini-Bikes, Jet Ski’s, Dune Buggies)
Antique, Custom and Classic Cars

A homeowner’s endorsement won’t cover you like a specific boat policy would.  Therefore, we provide coverage for your specific needs.

Total Loss Replacement
Disappearing Deductibles
Replacement Cost Fishing Equipment
Replacement Cost Personal Effects
24-hour Roadside Assistance
Emergency Towing and Labor
Wreckage Removal Coverage
Property Damage Liability
Medical Payments
Superior 24/7 Claims Service

Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella liability is insurance coverage that typically provides coverage beyond that of an underlying policy such as an automobile or homeowners policy. This can include medical costs or other claim payments that can exceed the amount of liability insurance that is provided by a policy. Coverage is typically provided by a personal umbrella liability policy. A personal liability policy is available from most property and casualty insurers in every state.

Additional Coverage
Coverage is provided by an excess liability or umbrella liability insurance policy that will pay for liability payments that exceed the amount in an underlying policy. Individuals who have an excess liability policy may have coverage for $1 million and $300,000 of liability coverage from an underlying policy. If an individual is sued for $700,000 the underlying policy would cover the first $300,000 and the excess liability policy would cover the additional $400,000.

Coverage Gaps
Underlying policies which include an automobile and homeowners insurance do not cover certain types of liability claims. These can include defamation of character, libel, slander, and false arrest. This leaves a coverage gap with no protection. However, these types of non-business liability claims can be covered by the purchase of an excess liability or umbrella liability insurance policy.

Financial Protection
Individuals who face lawsuits or other legal liability claims can be paid by an excess liability insurance policy. These can include legal costs and court fees that are not covered by an underlying policy. Payments can also be made for lost wages if an individual is asked to appear in court or at a hearing--up to $100 a day. Financial protection is also provided to pay any interest that has accrued on unpaid judgments.

Individuals can have many uses for an excess liability or umbrella policy and can purchase a policy relatively inexpensively. Individuals typically purchase this type of policy to protect themselves in the event that they are sued for in injury or negligence. When an individual is sued the amount may be more than what is provided by the liability coverage on an automobile or homeowners policy.